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Thank you for your interest in Joy Homeschool Co-op (JHC)! Please note the following required steps for JHC membership & registration.

  1. All adults will need to complete the background check.  The results are automatically emailed to the JHC administrator. The cost is $24 and is required of at least one parent/guardian. It's also required of tutors and volunteers.
  2. Fill & submit this Participation Application Form. You'll be required to attest to reading the following JHC documents and agree to follow our expectations and rules, in the questions section later on this page. 
  3. A current (paid) registration fee is required of each family with an enrolled student(s). 
  4.  A current (paid) membership fee ($10) is required of each tutor or volunteer without enrolled student(s). 
  5. JHC will review your background check and participant application. If your application is approved by the JHC Board, following the payment of the registration fee you'll be able to login and complete Class Registration. To Pay Joy Co-op Registration Fees use the Paypal link in your JHC web account.
    • Family/Student(s) Yearly Joy Co-op Registration Fee is $115 /year/family
    • There are many Parent Support  opportunities at JHC and JHC needs support to function well. Therefore, every family is required to fulfill at least 15 JHC Parent Support hours per semester (30 yearly). If this requirement is not met, fee-in-lieu-of volunteer hours of $100 per semester will be assessed by Joy Homeschool Co-op. 

Please note that all participant registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. All monthly tuition and semester supply fees are to be paid directly to the tutor. Past due tuition and/or supply fees may jeopardize your participation in JHC. All participant & registration questions may be directed to [email protected]. Thank you ~ The JHC Board of Directors

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Additional Questions

Please download and sign the photo release statement and turn into the Joy Homeschool Co-op Director.

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Payment Instructions

Again, please note that all participant and registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Payment instructions are as follows:

  1. The required Annual Family membership fee is due immediately upon submission of this form. This fee is charged to your JHC web account and payable by PayPal link therein. 
  2. The Annual Joy Co-op Registration Fee, is due immediately upon registration and if applicable, will be charged to your JHC web account and payable by PayPal link therein.
  3. The Semester Fee In Lieu Of Family Parent Support Hours, if applicable, will be charged to your JHC web account and payable via PayPal link therein.

Please note payment due date(s) to avoid being dropped from classes for non-payment.

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